1. Ginning Machine : –

national make 48 Double Roller Gins with Auto-feeders.

  1. Dispenser:

for feeding of kapas to conveyour belt

  1. Seed Cotton Cleaner :-

Horizontal type with output matching with the requirement of 48 DR gins.

  1. belt Conveyer system for transferring kapas to ginning machine :-

from dispenser to individual is sensor based system

  1. Pneumatic Conveyor for transporting lint :-

From gin machines to Lint Cleaner

  1. Lint Cleaner:

for cleaning of lint.

  1. Bale Press :-

manson make fully automatic Bale Press is oil hydraulic, double stage, with auto tramping facility and lint slide & pusher mechanism.

 8. Seed Conveyor :-

for carrying seed from individual gin to the cotton seed platfoam

9.Humidifiers :-

to maintain standard moisture in Seed cotton in the Gin House and Press Hall.

10.Fire Fighting system Comprising :-

  1. under-ground tank of 50000 liters
  2. Underground hydrant line

Pump with stand -by diesel engine

  1. 12 hydrant points in compound
  2. Hose pipes & nozzles

11. Underground Cabling

 both inside and outside of the buildings.

12.Weigh Bridge

capacity 50 tonnes (make-techno scale industries)